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address:no. 2879 on dongfu avenue, haicang district, xiamen city, china rp

phone: 86 592 8772666

fax: 86 592 5367806

mobile phone: 86 18750222086; 86 18805926818


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after-sales service

the after-sales service department of d.g solutions ltd. is a strong support team comprised of highly trained and experienced senior service experts. due to contacting the customers directly, the after-sales service department always prioritizes the satisfaction of customers, provides the customers with high quality and efficient service, and meets the needs of the customers to their satisfaction continuously, so as to escort the production of customers.

with handy service network and original and professional service of d.g solutions electric co., ltd., provide you with fastest response and solution.

the after-sales department focuses on the following two aspects of services:

service within warranty

manufacturer service throughout the whole service life

service within warranty

service types

return for repair

the customers can contact the order management specialists through the partners of d.g solutions electric ltd., fill in the repair and return application under their guidance, and return the products with failure to the repair center of d.g solutions electric ltd., then the electrical engineers will repair the product and return to the customers.

on-site service

if needed, the service engineers of d.g solutions electric ltd. will contact the customers as soon as possible, dispatch the service engineers close to you to troubleshoot on-site, and take responsible for all the relevant cost. if the customers ask for test of the repaired products so as to ensure no failure, d.g solutions electric ltd. will charge for corresponding after-sales service according to the fee standard.

international servcie

d.g solutions electric ltd. has a liaison office for international service so as to provide global joint warrant for products of d.g solutions electric ltd.

expert analysis

the manufacturers of the products can inspect the faulted products on customers’ demand and provide analysis report.

our promises

if the products you purchased are within warranty, d.g solutions electric ltd. promises that free and professional repair or on-site service will be provided for faulted products within the responsibilities of d.g solutions electric ltd.

if you want to know the product warrant period, please feel free to contact us.

if you want to extend the warranty period, or consult for repair solutions for products past warranty, please feel free to call our after-sales service hot line.

our technical support can provide 24/7 service.

when the service application is received, the service engineer will communicate with the customers within 2 hours, and arrive at site within 24 hours under emergent circumstances. for product return, inspection and repair, d.g solutions electric ltd. promises that the initial inspection will be completed within 3 business days. under emergent circumstances, we can deliver the product for replacement to you in advance before we received the faulted product.

more considerate, meticulous and fast service:

please feel free to call our customer service hot line:

manufacturer service throughout service life provided by d.g solutions electric ltd.

throughout the whole service life of the system and equipment, we ll always focus on the performance and productivity of the customers, provide manufacturer service throughout service life based on equipment, system and solution so as to ensure reliable operation and maximum performance of equipment and system. also, we will implement comprehensive design according to different needs and industrial characteristics of users and provide diverse, customer-oriented service, and comprehensive and systematic support throughout each phrase in project plan, implementation, commissioning, consultancy and disposal.

installation and commissioning:

the high quality service personnel of d.g solutions will provide you with professional installation and commissioning service according to the characteristics of each industry and different on-site environment so as to ensure stable and safe operation of system and equipment.

responsive service:

responsive service aim to improve production efficiency for customers, respond and meet any service needs of customers during the use of product in a timely way.

technical training:

highly trained personnel are the reliable guarantee of long term and healthy operation of the equipments. how to train the high quality personnel, maintain their diverse skills advancing with the times, and meet the increasingly growing demands of the company are the challenges many companies faced.

spare parts management:
d.g solutions electric ltd. uses various networks and optimized logistic chain to provide high quality original spare parts, and design spare part kit according to the customers’ specific needs so as to help improve reliability of operation of equipment and system.

upgrade and transformation:
upgrade and transformation service will provide you with comprehensive support and service for planning, installation, commissioning and transformation, including standardized alternative transformation solution for decommissioned product, and function upgrade, capacity expansion, modern transformation of equipment and system and so on.

maintenance contract:

industrial equipment failures not only reduce production efficiency, but also incur business opportunity loss through delay causing irrevocable cost, opportunity and other multiple costly prices.


we provide wide range consultant service. the senior service experts of d.g solutions electric ltd. have long time experience and rich knowledge regarding electric system. they can perform system assess based on your needs to determine system refinement and risk management plan.