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contact us

address:no. 2879 on dongfu avenue, haicang district, xiamen city, china rp

phone: 86 592 8772666

fax: 86 592 5367806

mobile phone: 86 18750222086; 86 18805926818


location:尊龙凯时ag旗舰厅-尊龙凯时官网 > products

product presentation

“d” stands for single-pole, defaulted to dual-pole when no d”

“s” stands for stainless steel hardware, and no s” stands for hot-dip galvanized carbon steel hardware

“a” stands for standard mounting backplane and mounting bolt, and no “a” stands for no mounting backplane and mounting bolt equipped

“r” stands for silicon rubber insulator

“e” stands for epoxy resin insulator

“p” stands for porcelain insulator

rated current: 630a, 1000a, 1250a

rated voltage: 12kv

design serial number: “101” stands for rated current of 630a

                              “103” stands for rated current of 1000a

                              “105” stands for rated current of 1250a

product name: outdoor ac hv isolation switch

for example: spd101-12/630-r-a-s stands for 12kv outdoor dual-pole mounted ac hv isolation switch with rated current of 630a, silicon rubber insulator, standard mounting backplane and bolt and stainless steel hardware.